Published on: Thursday 10th September 2020

People with dementia and their carers can now sign up for a new, free of charge NHS remote monitoring service offering increased support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new TIHM Monitoring Service will remotely monitor the health and wellbeing of people with dementia who live at home in Surrey and their regular carer. It is based on our award-winning system TIHM (Technology Integrated Health Management) for dementia system. The Service will reassure people about their health, alert them to potential health issues and, where necessary ensure they receive prompt treatment and support.

People receiving the Service are provided with easy to use digital devices to track body temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation and general wellbeing. If any of the readings indicate there could be a health issue, an alert is flagged on a centralised system and followed up by a clinically led Monitoring Team. The Team will provide them with prompt advice and support. If necessary, they will also arrange for coronavirus testing and liaise with 111, hospital services and GPs.

The TIHM Monitoring Service is provided by our Trust, smart home monitoring provider, Howz, Surrey Council and Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership.  

Professor Helen Rostill, our Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Therapies said: “We know people with dementia and their carers are feeling especially vulnerable at this very challenging time. The Service will enable us to reassure people about their health to reduce anxiety and if health problems are identified, our Monitoring Team will quickly intervene to provide support. This is a personalised Service that will make a real difference to people’s emotional and physical wellbeing.”

Carol and Russell Hudson who live in Bramley, near Guildford, have recently started using the Service. Carol, who cares for her husband, Russell, who has Alzheimer’s disease said: “I think it’s amazing. I find it very simple to use, I usually take the readings early in the morning. It’s nice to have a safety net. If something did go wrong, somebody will call you and that’s a nice feeling to have. It’s also reassuring that the Service is monitoring my health too.” 

Anyone who has a diagnosis of dementia who lives at home in Surrey can apply for the TIHM Monitoring Service. Their main carer can sign up for the Service too. To find out more, go to: where you can complete a self-referral form or call the Monitoring Team on 0800 448 0786 or email them at