'Talk to Frank' gives friendly, confidential advice on drugs. The site includes an A to Z list of substances, explains appearance and use of drugs and their effects, discusses health risks and the chances of getting hooked and UK law. It also includes information on peer pressure.

Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous provides information for those who think they may have a drug problem, addicts in recovery and professionals working with addicts.  

Drugsline is an independent drugs crisis, information and support charity that provides free and confidential information and support for people with drugs and alcohol related issues, their families and friends.

Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care
Support and information to drug and alcohol users, their families and friends.

Catalyst is a non-profit organisation working with people who are dealing with issues stemming from drug and alcohol misuse and mental ill-health - including housing, involvement with criminal justice, relationships with family and friends and getting back into work.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Support for those who recognise that they have a drink problem. Find local AA meetings, read other people's experiences and request an AA starter pack.