The extent to which the findings of a clinical study can be reliably extrapolated from the subjects who participated in the study to a broader patient population and a broader range of clinical settings.

HICF Health Innovation Challenge Fund


HITF Healthcare Insuctries Task Force
HRA Health Research Authority
HS&DR Health Services & Delivery Rearch programme


HSC Horizon Scanning Centre
HSP Healthcare Scientists Programme
HTA Health Technology Assessment 


HTCs Health Technology Centres
HTMR Hubs for Trials Methodology Research



A tentative explanation based on theory to predict a causal relationship between variables.

i4i Invention for Innovation programme
IAT Integrated Academic Training programme

A research tool in which a researcher asks questions of participants; interviews are often audio or video-taped for later transcription and analysis

INVOLVE INVOLVE national advisory group

Integrated Research Application System, the online application system used to apply for most permissions and approvals for research in health and social care in the UK.


Information Systems programme

KMFs Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowships
Local collaborator

A person undertaking certain types of straightforward research procedure, not requiring the appointment of a principal investigator. Local collaborators at NHS sites must seek a Site Specific Assessment (SSA) from the R&D office.

LS&DP Leadership Support & Development Programme
mCIA model Clinical Investigation Agreement
MCRN Medicines for Children Research Network
mCTA model Clinical Trial Agreement
MHRN Mental Health Research Network
MRP Methodology Research Programme
NCRN NIHR Cancer Research Network
NETSCC NIHR Evaluation, Trials & Studies Coordinating Centre
NIHR National Instititute for Health Research
NIHR-CCF NIHR Central Commissioning Facility
NIHR-TCC NIHR Trainees Coordination Centre
NOCRI NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure
NRES National Research Ethics Service
OGD Other Governement Department
OSCHR Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research