Academic Clinical Fellows


Biomedical Research Unit

CAT Clinical Academic Training programme
CCRN Comprehensive Clinical Research Network
Chief Investigator

The investigator with overallresponsibility for the research.In a multi-site study, the CI has co-ordinating responsibility for research at all sites. All applications for ethical review should be submitted by the CI.

CL Clinical Lectureship
CLAHRCs Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care
Clinical Audit

Clinical Audit is a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change. Aspects of the structure, processes, and outcomes of care are selected and systematically evaluated against explicit criteria. Where indicated, changes are implemented at an individual, team, or service level and further monitoring is used to confirm improvement in healthcare delivery.

CLRNs Comprehensive Local Research Networks
Control group

A group in an experiment that receives not treatment in order to compare the treated group against a norm


A common statistical analysis, usually abbreviated asr, that measures the degree of relationship between pairs of interval variables in a sample. The range of correlation is from -1.00 to zero to +1.00. 2) A non-cause and effect relationship between two variables.

CPRD Clinical Practice Research Datalink
CRD Centre for Reviews & Dissemination
CRFs Clinical Research Facilities for experimental medicine
CRN Clinical Research Networks
CRNCC Clinical Research Network Coordination Centre
CSP Coordinated System for gaining NHS Permission
CSR Comprehensive Spending Review
CTFs Clinical Trials Fellowships
CTUs Clinical Trials Units
Data Recorded observations, usually in numeric or textual form
DeNDRON Dementias & Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network
DH Department of Health
DRN Diabetes Research Network
ECMCs Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres
EME Efficacy & Mechanism Evaluation programme
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FP Fellowship Programme