About the study

This study focuses on the genetics of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and alcoholism and aims to improve our understanding of the variation of genes (known as polymorphisms) that are involved in these conditions. Polymorphisms allow us to identify which gene abnormalities cause genetic susceptibilities to mental illness. By doing this, the hope is to develop new treatments or tailor existing ones to be more personalised and with fewer side effects. 

Who can take part

We are inviting people aged 18+ who have a diagnosis of mental illness or alcohol dependence to take part. To make sure that the differences we find in polymorphisms are due to people having bipolar disorder or not rather than being from different ancestral backgrounds participants - and both their parents and all four of their grandparents - should be Caucasian English / Irish / Scottish / Welsh. We ask questions about your ancestry and use an ancestry checklist to collect this information.  

What will I have to do

You are asked to provide a single blood or saliva sample that will be used to identify any genetic causes of mental illness.  

Find out more

We would really like to hear from you if you fit the description above and are keen to help improve our understanding of mental illness so that personalised treatments can be developed. Please email us on research@sabp.nhs.uk or call us on 01932 722 247.