About the study

Carers of people with mental illness can experience a huge amount of stress and anxiety as they cope with stigma, guilt, shame etc. This study looks at whether the Relatives Education and Coping Toolkit (REACT) - a self-management package for carers of people with early onset psychosis - is effective in reducing carer stress. We are also interested in feedback from carers about what they think of the package and how they have used it.

Who can take part

We are inviting the carers of people who have recently had support from our Early Intervention in Psychosis service to take part.

What will I have to do

Carers are asked to complete an online questionnaire about how they are feeling. This questionnaire is repeated three and six months later to help us to identify whether the REACT toolkit is reducing feelings of carer stress. 

Find out more

We would really like to hear from you if you care for someone with early onset psychosis and are interested in helping to identify whether the REACT toolkit reduces carer stress. Please email research@sabp.nhs.uk or call us on 01932 722 247.