We support research activities that produce benefits for the people who use our services and the communities we serve.

Our core purpose is to work with people and lead communities in promoting wellbeing and improving their mental and physical health by delivering excellent and responsive prevention, diagnosis, early intervention, treatment and care. Research and development activity is integral to promoting high quality healthcare and our vision is to create a vibrant and collaborative research culture within our Trust that is at the forefront of innovation, evidence-based practice, and effective service delivery.

An overwhelming proportion of the public and healthcare leaders recognise the wide ranging benefits yielded by research into new approaches and treatments and agree that it should be prioritised within the NHS. However, generating high impact innovations and practice developments from research is often a prolonged and  iterative process; building on what has gone before in a search for new discoveries.

Research is distinct from clinical audit or service evaluation because it attempts to derive new, generalisable knowledge by addressing clearly defined questions with systematic and rigorous methods, whereas service evaluation and clinical audit focus more on the value and quality of current care.

Our aims over the next five years for are:

  • Embed a research culture across the Trust
  • Achieve 20% annual growth in research recruitment and ensure set up times fall below the CLRN 30-day target
  • Develop our reputation for high quality, transformational research that produces benefits for people and services
  • Increase our capacity and capability to develop successful research grant applications
  • To build a high quality research profile we need to develop and attract individuals within our workforce who have research interests and skills
  • Involve people who use services and carers
  • Research partnering and connectivity

As well as participating in a wide range of national portfolio studies and clinical trials we have an active research network. Learn more about our wider research community.