TIHM Monitoring Service

The TIHM Monitoring Service is a new, free of charge service to remotely monitor the health and wellbeing of both people with dementia and their carers who live in Surrey during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It combines easy to use remote monitoring devices that are installed in people's homes collecting information about health and wellbeing, with a dedicated and clinically led Monitoring Team.  The collected health data  is automatically analysed by the technology and if health or wellbeing issues are detected, an alert is flagged on a digital dashboard overseen by the Monitoring Team. The Team will investigate the alert and provide the necessary support and advice.

This is an important new service designed to reasure people with dementia and their carers about their health during this difficult period and ensure they receive treatment and support when it is needed. The TIHM Monitoring Service is based on an award-winning system, known as TIHM (Technology Integrated Health Management) for dementia that has been developed by Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Surrey and smart home monitoring provider, Howz. Background about the study is provided in the links at the bottom of this page.

Aims of the Service

The aims of the service are to:

  • reassure people about their health and reduce anxiety about the coronavirus and other health concerns
  • idenitfy signs of ill-health early to help people receive prompt treatment and support
  • ensure that if a person does become unwell, there is up-to-date information about the person's health status to share with health professionals providing support
  • reduce the amount of time people need to spend in hospital
  • improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers
  • increase the ability of people with dementia to live independently

Who can apply for the Service?

The service is available to:

  • anyone who has a diagnosis of dementia, regardless of age, who lives at home in Surrey
  • If the person with dementia has a carer, we will also offer to remotely monitor their health too. The carer can be a partner, relative, friend or a paid carer who either lives with the person with dementia or visits them regularly to provide support
  • If the person with dementia is able to use devices independently, without help, they do not need to have a carer to receive the service
  • Don't worry if you do not have broadband, you can still receive the service. We'll be using a mobile Wi-Fi device to connect anyone without broadband or a good Wi-Fi  signal in their home

Please note:

  • We cannot offer the service to people with dementia who live in a care home


How does the Service work?

  • The service uses remote monitoring devices that are provided free of charge and delivered to people's homes. Step by step guidance and support is provided on installing and using the devices
  • The devices monitor physical health such as temperature, oxygen saturation and pulse. They also measure levels of activity in the home. A significant reduction in activity could signal a person has become unwell
  • Data from the devices is automatically analysed and machine learning is used to identify changes in patterns of behaviour. If the technology identifies any health or wellbeing issues, an alert is flagged on a digital dashboard overseen by the Monitoring Team. They will investigate the alert and provide the necessary follow up advice and support
  • All data collected by the devices is kept confidential and stored securely. More information about how your data is protected will be provided once you have applied for the service.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our Monitoring Team on: 0800 448 0786

How will the Service support you?

  • People will receive a digital tablet, thermometer, oximeter, environmental sensors and a smart plug
  • Once the devices are installed, both the person with dementia and the carer will be asked to regularly use the thermometer and oximeter. They will also be asked to regularly complete a short questionnaire about their health using the tablet they have been provided with
  • The digital tablet will  enable people to access the readings that are being recorded by the devices and observed by the Monitoring Team. People will also, if needed,  be able to share this data with health professionals to support informed clinical decision making.
  • People receiving this service will be supported by a dedicated Monitoring Team, that is contactable from 8am-8pm, seven days a week. The team is clinically led with support from both GPs and Social Care Teams
  • If clinicially appropropriate, the Monitoring Team will arrange for a person to be tested for the coronavirus.

How to apply for the Service

If you would like to apply for the service, you can fill in a direct referral form here.  Once the form has been received, the Monitoring Team will contact you to provide you with more information about the service.

Please note that if the carer would like to receive the service, we will need one referral form completed for the person with dementia and one completed for the carer.

Yo can also register your interest in receiving the TIHM Monitoring Service by contacting the Monitoring Team directly on: 0800 448 0786 or by emailing them at: rxx.tihm2@nhs.net

Partners involved in the Service

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is providing the TIHM Monitoring Service in partnership with:

Get involved in research

We are conducting important research into the impact of the Coronavirus on people with dementia. In particular, we will be researching the physical symptoms experienced by people who contract the virus and how these symptoms effect people psychologically.

The research will simply involve answering a few questionnaires. Our Monitoring Team will be happy to discuss this with you. However, you do not have to sign up to the research to receive the TIHM Monitoring Service.