We have four networks which provide specific support for staff:

Disability staff network


Disability staff network, Margaret Pearson

The Disability Staff network was formed to help those who work at Surrey and Borders and have a disability but the network helps anyone who needs advice on disability issues. It also provides a forum where people can discuss their experiences of living with or caring for someone with a disability.

The group is made up of a variety of members; some who have a disability and others who are able to give support and ensure that everyone gets the help they need. The group’s aims are:

  • To ensure everyone knows who to turn to if they need help
  • To share knowledge about local groups and organisations who also offer help and support
  • To enable everyone to really enjoy their work, safe in the knowledge that their disability doesn’t inhibit their achievement or progression.

For more information, please contact the Disability Network at  Disability.Network@sabp.nhs.uk .

BME network

bme logo.jpg




BME network: Ali Khan, Chair

The BME network promotes equality by creating opportunities for staff from black and ethnic minority backgrounds to have their voices heard, enabling a sense of belonging.

The network's aims are:

  • To enable staff with interests in BME issues to contribute to Trust and individual programmes/processes in a safe, supportive environment
  • To share knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of black and ethnic minority staff, service users and communities, and fostering links to other local BME networks
  • To share safeguarding concerns of racial discrimination, bullying or harassment and empowering BME staff to access support if they need it
  • To provide coaching for network members.

For more information, please contact jo.lane@sabp.nhs.uk or ali.khan@sabp.nhs.uk .

LGBT network

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender network, Pam Frost

Pam Frost is our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) network leads. The networks aims are to deliver best practice in sexual orientation equality and to promote dignity and respect in the workplace. It is open to all staff, including heterosexual colleagues who are keen to promote LGBT equality.

Pam says, "We believe that all staff at Surrey and Borders should feel comfortable in their place of work and be able to be themselves in a supportive and non-discriminatory environment, where they can bring their whole self in order to thrive both professionally and personally. We hold regular network meetings and events to share good practice, offer peer support and highlight any gaps in staff support and service provision."

To find out more about the network, including the date of the next meeting or just to say hi, please contact Pam by email at pam.frost@sabp.nhs.uk .

Spirituality and faith forum


Spirituality & Faith Network, Josiah Anyinsah

The aim is to promote mutual respect and understanding of all religions and beliefs, and work together to identify and support the spiritual needs of all.

Welcome to the Spirituality and Faith Forum

  • The forum is open to those of all faiths and none
  • The forum seeks to maintain the respect for all spiritualty and faith in the workplace
  • The forum seeks to protect and support those of religion and belief, to promote and respect diversity and difference in the workplace
  • A useful forum for canvassing staff on new practices and raising awareness on religion and belief
  • The forum seeks to enrich its member’s performance by promoting Connection, Compassion and Contribution
  • The network meets every other month to discuss items of relevance to those of faith, spirituality, including those who have no formalised framework for their beliefs.

Please contact Josiah Anyinsah if you are interested in joining us. Josiah.Anyinsah@sabp.nhs.uk .