Calling all simulation leads!

We want you to help us develop the UK’s only virtual patient system for medical communication skills training.

Surrey and Borders Partnership's Technology Enhanced Learning Project uses virtual humans to train medical staff how to be better communicators with people who use services and colleagues, and to deliver psychological therapies related to social and emotional learning.

We are developing a multi-disciplinary network of expertise to help develop and evaluate the efficacy of simulation training using virtual humans and we are looking for collaborators.

The aim is to promote the importance of curiosity driven learning in the development of social and emotional interaction, relate this to learning objectives, and set the stage in order to change the behaviours of learners in real-word practice.

We are particularly interested in creating the illusion of plausibility to help learners see the value and potential of using simulation. This involves questions around ensuring fidelity of visual and audio cues through the use of good quality acting talent and collaborative multi-disciplinary development in the writing of scripts.

Our goal is to create a real sense of social presence in our simulations by using a combination of innovative technologies with the portrayal of authentic characters that have believable personalities, diverse points of view, detailed back-stories, family backgrounds and medical histories, all taken from real-world scenarios to portray a wide range of responses.

We aim to build empathetic practice by giving learners the opportunity to identify missed opportunities to fully understand the socio-economic factors in challenging situations and by giving them a licence to fail in simulated high-stakes scenarios to enable them to safely learn from their mistakes.

We want to rigorously study the communication pipeline involved with training using virtual humans and we need your help to do this.

Please contact Dr Amanda Redvers at for more information.

Guidance for collaborators

  • This is an open IP project where scripts / scenarios can be freely shared within the NHS.
  • Script / scenario sharing will take place initially via this SABP hub / portal, then HEE sites.
  • All NHS Trusts are invited to collaborate and contribute scripts and ideas to the repository.
  • Other collaborators are warmly welcomed and the terms of the collaboration can be discussed individually, according to your needs.

Register your interest as a collaborator

To register your interest in the project as a potential collaborator please complete this online form to send us your details.