Improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers

An extra £1 million in funding has been awarded to our Trust by NHS England and the Office for Life Sciences to extend our TIHM for dementia study.

The study uses a network of internet enabled devices installed in a person’s home to allow clinicians to remotely monitor their health. If a problem is identified, an alert is triggered and followed up by a monitoring team.   

Early indications from the first phase show there was a significant reduction in neuropsychiatric symptoms, and qualitative data showed carers had increased peace of mind. 

The second phase of the study is due to be launched in autumn 2018. 


Smart ward technology

Spenser Ward is currently using smart ward technology to test its potential to alert clinicians to early indicators of declining health. Sophisticated sensors are used to monitor vital signs such as sleep, water retention and falls. We are exploring how monitoring these vital signs can predict changes in mental health status. The team is also trialling the use of music to create a calmer environment and improve people's experiences.    


Mental health crisis support for young people

To find an alternative to young people in mental health crisis attending Surrey A&Es we opened four CYP Havens which offer a safe place for 10-18 year olds to go and talk about their worries in a confidential, friendly and supportive environment.

Young people can speak to a mental health professional, a social worker and a children’s rights worker all in the same location. 

Since May 2017 600+ people have attended, 79 visits prevented an A&E attendance, 69 incidences of self-harm were avoided and 140 young people said their mental health would have deteriorated without the service. 


Redesigning our drug and alcohol services

i-access, our community drug and alcohol teams, are now delivering an integrated substance misuse service in partnership with Catalyst.

The integrated service launched on 1 April 2018 and was co-designed with our commissioners at Surrey County Council. It brings together elements of substance misuse provision that were previously separate.

New treatment pathways have been created so that people who need support with safer drug or alcohol use (such as needle exchange) can access this more easily.   

We have introduced ambulatory detoxification which we run from our clinics in Guildford and Redhill. 

The redesign has ensured that we are able to maintain a stable, accessible and high quality substance misuse service that meets Surrey’s needs within a reduced funding environment.


Integrated Care

We have created a system-wide Integrated Care Team in Surrey Heath to ensure the right care is available at the right time for older adults with complex needs in the community.

Referrals are made via a single point of access and multi-disciplinary team meetings involve all professionals including nurses, therapists, social care, GPs and voluntary services. 

The emphasis is on joint assessment and a shared approach for safe and timely support with a single care plan. 

In 2017 there was a 54% reduction in acute activity and a 40% reduction on the cost of A&E admissions.