The Standards for Involving People were developed by people who use services, carers and staff in order to meet three aims of the Trust's Forum of Carers and people who Use Services (FoCUS):

  • Placing people at the heart of the way we do things
  • Settings standards for how we involve people
  • Measuring how well we involve people

The Standards are a framework which provides:

  • Guidance about how to encourage and support effective involvement
  • A means for the Trust as a whole - teams as well as individuals - to check and measure how well people are involved

The Standards

  1. Service users and carers are actively involved in person-centred care
  2. There is effective and appropriate communication and information sharing
  3. Service users and carers are consulted about new policies and proposals for change
  4. Service users and carer involvement is promoted and supported at all levels in Trust business
  5. Service users and carers are involved in the monitoring and evaluation of services
  6. There is supported involvement of service users and carers in the recruitment and selection of staff
  7. There is monitoring and evaluation of service user and carer involvement

All of the Trust's teams work towards improving their involvement of service users and carers through adopting the Standards in their daily work. If you would like to get involved in the work of the Trust please ask your care co-ordinator.

Download a copy of the Standards for Involving People.