We are committed to improving the experiences of people who use our services, their families, friends and carers and research plays an important role in achieving this goal.

Our aims are to ensure faster and easier clinical research, increase the number of people who participate, and enhance the attractiveness of the UK as a host for commercially sponsored research.

Since April 2014, we have been publishing information quarterly about the clinical trials we are involved in. The National Institute for Health Research has introduced performance benchmarks for the time taken to initiate clinical trials, and for the delivery of trials to time and target. 

The initiating research data shows how quickly we get clinical trials up and running. We publish each trial together with the appropriate recruitment data. The delivering research data shows information about commercial contract trials and details the target number of people for each trial, the date by which we have agreed to recruit these participants, and the status of each trial.

The data for SABP’s Performance in Initiating (PI) and Performance in Delivering (PD) research can be found here for the most recent quarters: