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How we use cookies 

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work more efficiently, and sometimes provide useful information to the owners of the site. 

There are some cookies necessary to this site functioning, such as interacting with our accessibility toolbar. These cookies will usually remove themselves when you close your browsing session. More information can be found in the ‘Necessary cookies’ section. 

We use some additional cookies, such as Google Analytics, to help us gather information and improve the website. You have the option to deny use of these cookies; more information can be found in the ‘Additional cookies’ section. 

You can find more information on managing and deleting cookies on About Cookies

Necessary cookies 

The following cookies are necessary to our site functioning.

Cookie Purpose Expiry


Persistently records your option regarding additional cookies.         
1 year


Persistent cookie on which we relate sessions to a specific visitor (visitor representing a specific browser on a specific computer) The cookie is used to remember the user, there is an impact on the end-user experience.
1 year


Non-persistent cookie. 
HTTP requests are mapped to sessions using this cookie. (Re-opening the browser and accessing the same site
is supposed to be considered a different visit).
End of browsing session


Non-persistent cookie. 
Imperva uses Javascript classification along with the CAPTCHA challenge for client classification and enables bot mitigation.
End of browsing session

Necessary accessibility cookies 

The following necessary cookies allow the functions within our accessibility toolbar to work optimally.

Cookie Purpose Expiry
accessibility-controls  Records option regarding additional cookies.  End of browsing session 
saveFontSize  Allows the website (CMS) to record if the user’s font size selection.  End of browsing session 
contrast-mode  Allows the website (CMS) to record the user’s contrast mode selection.  End of browsing session 
googtrans  Allows the language of page content to be changed and records the language selected.  End of browsing session 

Additional cookies 

The following third-party cookies are used for analytical and media purposes. 

If you do not accept use of these additional cookies, some third-party media content – such as YouTube, Vimeo or Google Maps – may not load on this website. 

Analytics cookies 

In order to help us to improve the content, format and structure of this website we record and analyse how visitors use the using Google Analytics. 

You can read Google’s extensive information on data practices in Google Analytics

You can opt-out of Google Analytics on our website by denying additional cookies or by using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Cookie Purpose Expiry
_ga  Distinguishes user for Google Analytics.  2 years
_gid  Distinguishes user for Google Analytics.  1 day
_gat  Throttles request rate for Google Analytics.  1 minute
_ga_{ID}  Persists session state for newer versions of Google Analytics. 2 years
_ga_gtag_UA_{ID}  Persists session state for older versions of Google Analytics. 1 minute
__utma  Distinguishes user and session for Google Analytics.  2 years
__utmb  Determines new session or visit for Google Analytics.  30 minutes
__utmc  Determines new session or visit for Google Analytics.  End of browsing session 
__utmz  Stores traffic source for Google Analytics.  6 months

Embed cookies 

We may use embeds from YouTube, Google Maps or Vimeo on our site to display content. That content uses the following third-party cookies. Where possible, we will use privacy-oriented settings to ensure as few cookies as possible require consent. 

These additional cookies that remain, and the content from which they stem, will not display on the site unless you choose to ‘Accept additional cookies’. 

Cookie Source Purpose Expiry
CONSENT YouTube (  Google cookie tracking consent with analytics and/or ad integration.  2 years
CONSENT Google Maps (  Google cookie tracking consent with analytics and/or ad integration.  2 years
__cf_bm  Vimeo (  Vimeo ClouldFlare layer which filters out requests from bots.  30 minutes

Captcha cookies 

We use Google reCAPTCHA in order to verify whether or not you are a human when submitting data to the website. Most of the time, this will only be present on pages containing forms.

Cookie Source Path Purpose Expiry




Provides risk analysis to Google spam protection.

6 months