Our Council of Governors is made up of 25 elected representatives and 6 nominated representatives. These are all local people with an interest in our mental health and learning disability services in Surrey and North East Hampshire.

Contacting your Governors

If you would like to contact your Governors, please email governors@sabp.nhs.uk, call the Governance team on 01372 216237 or SMS text 07584 336 359. Please note that the Governance team will also receive your email. It will be shared with the Lead Governor in the first instance, and a response will be sent to you. A summary of your communication will be shared with all Governors in due course.

Further information about our Council of Governor meetings and details about how you can submit a written question, can be found here: Council of Governor Meetings

Public: North West & South West Surrey

Raj Chhetri

(second term of office) Raj Chhetri.JPG

I started my nursing career in 1969 in St Peter’s Hospital to train as a general nurse, becoming the first Nepalese male nurse in this country. A former Ward manager and Day Hospital manager in the Mental Health Service for 40 years until 1st April 2013,  I am aware of the mental health issues of service users and also the well-being of both services users and carers. 

I am a son of a Gurkha midwife who was a midwife for just over 34 years, and was awarded a British Empire Medal and supported me in my journey to the UK.

I am a spokesman for older adults within the Hampshire area where I attend various meetings at Surrey Police and Surrey and Borders. 
I continue to be involved in Alzheimer’s cafés, represent the Disability Coalition - Surrey, Action for Carers – Surrey, and represent the Nepalese in the west of Surrey to give guidance on health and other issues.

Jane Raynor

(first term of office) Jane Raynor.JPG

From early childhood Jane had a passion to work with people.

She started her career by reading humanities at university in Maryland USA. After graduating Suma Cum Lauda (Honours) she returned to England and joined HMP Prison Service as an Officer. As a qualified Counsellor, Jane was asked to pilot the rollout of cognitive behaviour therapy group work to prisoners. Her excellent listening skills, and humanistic approach helped her support people through what was often a very difficult period in their life. Additionally, Jane was selected to undertake specialist training to become a National Hostage Negotiator, where her skills were often put to the test.

As her career progressed, she was invited to join to the National Probation Service, where she piloted Drug Treatment and Testing Orders. Her ability to help people transform their own lives and reach their full potential led to a secondment to Surrey Police to help set up a multi-agency initiative aimed at diverting prolific drug users away from crime and into support services such as the NHS.

Janes last role in criminal justice was as a senior manager in the Ministry of Justices Contract Management Team.

Her voluntary roles have all been centred around supporting people, ensuring people are treated fairly, respectfully, with dignity and above all making sure that their voice is heard. Her roles have included being a Parish Councillor (Vice Chair), an Independent Custody Visitor (Chair) for the Police and Crime Commissioner and a School Governor.

She also enjoys delivering of holistic therapies to people who would not necessarily be able to access this as a means to manage stress.

Jane hopes to bring her humanistic and contract management skills to the board to help ensure service users views are heard, and that their experiences are positive, supportive and person centre led.

Dr Jan WhitbyDr Jan Whitby.jpg

(first term of office)

I am a first term SaBP Governor who has previously served twelve years as a Governor, five years as Lead Governor, at the Royal Surrey Foundation Trust (RSFT).  During this time, I acquired a significant base of knowledge about how hospitals, the NHS and Integrated Care Systems function.  I have a patient-facing involvement in healthcare, facilitated by a sound understanding of plans for health, social care and patient need.

I am currently a Trustee on the Board of the Fountain Centre, a cancer charity in St. Luke’s Cancer Centre, RSFT and a Trustee of the Woking and Sam Beare Hospices. I have been Chair of the National Lead Governors’ Association and am a former Director of the Foundation Trust Governors’ Association.

I am a senior molecular virologist/ medical microbiologist with expertise in infections and infection control and I have clinical expertise gained from years of active involvement in the NHS providing a very sound understanding of current medical and clinical issues.

Public: East & Mid Surrey

Ana BrisbarAna Brisbar.jpg

(second term of office)

Ana has been an Occupational Therapist since 2004 and is working now as a Director of Clinical Services in a locked rehabilitation

hospital. Ana believes that being part of the governor’s body is an excellent opportunity to continuing improvement mental health services within the hospital settings, as she deems that working on prevention and early stages of crises can benefit many individuals of

varying ages.  


Ana recognises the importance of the need for further improvement between secondary and primary services. Ana aims to contribute holistically from patients, staff, carers and service perspectives, to ensure that service users have adequate care and support at all times from maintaining their mental health and welfare when discharged to the crisis stage when living in the community. Ana aspires to collaborate with others by continually reviewing the care system and be upfront of our care model.

Karen Hamilton

(second term of office)Karen Hamilton.jpg

Karen has worked in the voluntary sector for 25 years, developing and leading programmes and policy, focusing on empowering
individuals and communities to overcome challenges.  Working closely with health and social care services, she has delivered
and managed numerous community programmes, including those for disabled people, young care leavers, isolated older people,
people with mental health support needs and unemployed people. Currently, she is Head of Programmes for FoodCycle, 
a national charity which nourishes the hungry and lonely in our communities with delicious meals and great conversation, using food that would otherwise go to waste.  

Previously she has set up a national falls prevention programme and worked for organisations including Age UK and Volunteering Matters.

She is passionate about volunteering and user-led community development – giving people a say in how to improve their local communities and supporting them to have a role in doing so.

A local resident for over 10 years, Karen wants to contribute to the community by making sure that local services are the best they can be for all of us.

Margaret Hicks

(third term of office)Margaret Hicks.jpg

When Margaret returned from living in the Lebanon and Kuwait for 18 years in 1984, she moved to Hersham with her three children. Being a volunteer by nature she soon became involved in the life happening around her and in 1989 became Hersham's Surrey County Councillor.  She retired in May 2017, being both “Mother of the House” and longest ever stranding Surrey County Councillor.

The whole range of social care, which touches all ages was one of Margaret's major interests. Being the Mental Health Champion
for Surrey opened the doors of users and providers where she was able to learn and press for recognition and improvements.

Margaret became involved in education and the whole range of school and preschool provisions.  She became Chairman of Governors for Surrey and private schools including further education.

She is a practising member of St Peter’s Church in Hersham.  Having varied experiences of many faiths and beliefs, Margaret became Chairman of Surrey Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education (SACRE) where she developed the Surrey RE curriculum for Surrey’s maintained schools

Hampshire & Rest of England

Donna BrownDonna Brown.jpg

(first term of office)

Donna was elected as a Governor December 2021. She has been a Governor for Frimley Health NHS Trust, is currently a member of the SABP Trust FoCUS group, and volunteers with the Recovery College.

Twelve years ago, she was diagnosed with a chronic condition that involved Mental Health services and the general NHS giving her first-hand experience of hospitals and community services. She now owns Mindfully Aware ltd providing Mindfulness and Mental Health First Aid training.

Prior to this life-changing event, she held a Senior Executive role within the Forensic Science Service (GovCo) heading up Sexual offences for England and Wales, held Director positions with Pitney Bowes, gained a master’s degree in business (MBA) and was a Board Director for Hart Citizens Advice Bureau.

Donna started her career in financial services becoming a senior manager leading various departments.

Andrew Jackman

(second term of office)Andrew Jackman.jpg

Andrew is a second term Surrey Governor with proven experience from nine years as a Governor at nearby Southern Health, mostly as Lead Governor.  Andrew brings a blend of 34 years in the commercial sector; the privilege of being a parent, carer and advocate; direct governor experience; and the insights of working as a Specialist Member of the Mental Health Tribunal ensuring patient rights are upheld (a role not undertaken in Surrey). He has strong beliefs in putting people at the centre of all we do, championing the rights of people with mental health problems and in a publicly funded NHS. Andrew also has governance roles in the education and charity sectors.

At Southern, Andrew influenced patient-focused service improvement having seen inspiring and inadequate care given to his youngest daughter. He also directly contributed to the Trust’s Quality Improvement programme, actively contributed to Board committees and gained experience in discussions with funders, regulators and Trust partners.

At Surrey & Borders Partnership, Andrew sits on the Nominations Committee, which focuses on various governance issues including the appointment of Non-Executive Directors and is a member of the Audit Panel.  Andrew was recently elected as Deputy Lead Governor by governor colleagues.  

Andrew knows Surrey well. In this role he hopes to bring his energy, knowledge and passion to influence service improvement and champion patient rights in Surrey

People who use Learning Disability services

Matthew ErskineMatt Erskine.JPG  

(first term of office)                                                                       

I want to help people who have a disability to be able to speak out, and to help those in the Trust who work with people who have a disability. I feel that from my own experiences, I can help others achieve goals which sometimes feel daunting.  I myself reflect on past experiences and know that achieving your goals is better for mind, body and soul and I want to share this knowledge.

1 Vacancy for People who use Learning Disability Services

People who use other Trust services

Jacob Adams

(first term of office)Jacob Adams.jpg

Having spent much of my life as a patient of mental health services in Surrey, I feel passionately about their development and delivery. My personal journey has included CAMHS, inpatient care, CMHRS and Community Connections services, as well as being a looked-after child/care leaver and living in supported housing.

My lived experience has given me insight into many of the challenges faced on an everyday basis by the people who use our services and I recognise the need for continuous improvement across mental health, learning disability, drug and alcohol and neurodevelopmental services at local and national levels.

I worked in the retail sector before deciding to take a career break for health reasons. I have since become involved in SaBP projects including FoCUS and the Service User Network and have recently joined the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People. I also volunteer with The Include Choir, a project which enables people with learning disabilities and communication difficulties to make music through the use of inclusive communication techniques.

I am delighted to be joining the Council of Governors and hope to use my role to advocate for the causes I feel strongly about, promote the voice of lived experience and represent the interests of the people who use our services.

Angela Gilbert

(first term of office) Angela Gilbert.JPG

I understand the challenges of mental health problems and the importance of access to good medical treatment and personal support to enable patients to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Having trained as a doctor, I initially worked in hospital medicine and then in medical research, gaining a doctorate in immunology. Later I joined the pharmaceutical industry, working in clinical research and project management. Then in my mid-forties when my fourth child was born my career took a different turn, and I moved into working in the property sector.

I also volunteer at Wakehurst, Kew's wild botanic garden in Sussex, believing in both our responsibility to protect the natural world and its enormous potential to enhance our physical and psychological wellbeing and the therapeutic opportunities here. I am hoping that with my personal and varied professional experience, I will be able to make a useful contribution to the Governance Team.     

Sarita TalwarSarita Talwar.jpg

(first term of office)

Sarita is a graduate from University South West with a degree in social policy. She took up paid employment in general practice which yielded a diploma in Health Service Management and Emergency NHS Services. Sarita has 20 years’ experience of Mental Health services, both as a service user and public member for Surrey and Borders Partnership.

Clifford WrightClifford Wright.jpg

(first term of office)


2 Vacancies for People who use other Trust services

Carers and Families

Penny Burnett

(third term of office)Penny_Burnett.jpg

I first engaged with Surrey and Borders Partnership in 2010 when our daughter was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (now EUPD). For the next seven years I became increasingly frustrated with a lack of involvement with both her diagnosis and on-going treatment as I believed I was able to offer those supporting her professionally a greater knowledge and insight to her behaviours and actions.

In 2017 I decided to try and give the Carer more voice, so I stood for election and am now starting my second 3-year term. I have been involved in the recruitment and selection of the Non-Executive Directors as well as Consultant Psychiatrists and Grade 8 staff. I am looking forward to finishing a project with SABP training staff to better understand the crucial role a Carer can have, when listened to, for the correct diagnosis and ongoing treatment of those needing professional care from SABP.

Janice Clark

(third term of office)Janice Clark.JPG

I bring to my role of Governor the knowledge of 50 years of lived experience of being a carer to my relatives across the generations; 
as well as being an active campaigner for the rights of family members, including children,

My earlier work in scientific research has been good preparation for the role of Governor.

Listening to the experiences that carers and people who use services have shared, has given me the further insight I need to probe, question and seek feedback.  In this way, we can all play a part in the development and continuation of high quality services that give people and their families confidence and peace of mind.

Growing vegetables and flowers gives me great pleasure and I’m an avid advocate of the physical and emotional benefits that this can bring.

Cooking the fruits of my labour adds to this sense of achievement.

Leanda Hargreaves 

(second term of office)Leanda Hargreaves.jpg

I am retired after working at Surrey University where I used my degree in Education to teach Hotel and Management students. As part of my teaching role I was always aware and responsible for my students mental and physical welfare.

Having been a carer for most of my life, caring for my Autistic son who is now in his forties and also with two other family members with poor mental health, I am acutely aware of the barriers, stigma and challenges that Carers have.

I am currently a Trustee for Action for Carers (Surrey)

I regularly attend SABP Acute Care Forum and the Carers Action Group and attend as many carers related meetings and conferences as time allows.

I hope to take this opportunity as a Governor to continue to monitor, improve and advise on future services and projects.

Staff Governors

Health & Social Care Assistant: Katie Nurse

(third term of office)​​​​​​Katie Nurse.JPG

I achieved a Masters degree in Autism and have been recently studying Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative communication at university. I have thirty years experience working in social care. I enjoy raising standards and looking at how services evolve and improve over time. I work in the area of learning disabilities and autism and see a lot of untapped potential in the people our Trust supports. I aim to continue finding ways to assist communication, interaction and engagement.

I have worked for the Trust for 13 years. I have supported an individual who has little speech and severe learning disabilities at international conferences where they have presented using touch screen laptop all about their life and interests. I have worked to forge strong relationships between staff and families/friends of people who use our services. Family connections last forever - whereas staff may come and go.

Qualified Nursing: Oneil Osbourne

(second term of office)Oneil_Osbourne.jpg

I am currently working as a forensic practitioner for the Forensic Outreach Liaison Service (FOLS) which is a tertiary specialist service in the community. I have been working with Surrey and Borders NHS Trust since 2014 following a change in career from being a Secondary School teacher. Since joining the Trust I have worked in the inpatient setting and was promoted to clinical lead role which has enhanced my experience in management and leadership.

I have always had a key interest in staff welfare and maintaining a good working experience for staff. I have always maintain the view that while staff are happy and fulfilled in their roles, they will be motivated to ensure that the patients in their care are happy by maintaining high standard of the Trust. I enjoy working in roles where I am able to make a positive difference to patients’ lives.

As a father of three boys I enjoy playing basketball, football and cricket with them. I am also an active member of the Beulah Apostolic Church in London ministering and fellowshipping with the members and the community.

Therapies: Dr. Rebecca Andrew Rebecca_Andrew.png

(first term of office)

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, qualifying from Royal Holloway University in 2001. I began working in Surrey and Borders NHS Trust over 13 years ago, starting out in the Early Intervention in Psychosis Service. I have since worked in a variety of roles that span across adult Community Mental Health Recovery Services. I really value the working relationships I have developed with my colleagues over the years, and the knowledge of different services this has given me.

I was drawn to working in the NHS after having the experience of a close family member suffering with psychosis. This gives me a good perspective of what I hope for from mental health services as a family member, and also to keep the family in mind in the work we do in SABP.

Admin/Management/Facilities: Colette Lane

(first term of office)Colette Lane.JPG

Colette is a science teacher by background as well as having lived experience of mental health difficulties. Joining Surrey and Borders as a volunteer in 2012, and later as a member of staff, she has gained a reputation as a champion for recovery and has a history of using her ‘service user voice’ in service developments, demonstrating passion and role-modelling recovery in action.

Colette is a champion for co-production across the Trust, ensuring we consult with service users, carers and other stakeholders in all decisions.

Colette completed a MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion in 2019, providing a theoretical knowledge and credibility to complement her lived experience.

Colette has co-developed two SABP networks - a Peer Support Network, supporting staff who use lived experience in their role and a Trust Network called ‘Connect’, for staff who experience emotional and psychological needs that may affect them in the workplace.

Medical and Dental: Dr. Ayeyemi Obabire

(first term of office) Ayeyemi Obabire.jpg

Dr Ayeyemi Obabire is an SAS psychiatrist and mental health advocate who obtained his medical degree from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. Since then he has been passionate about, and involved in mental health through mental health advocacy roles and eventually psychiatry practice, and he has consistently taken on leadership roles in various medical organisations.

Ayeyemi's advocacy work involved organizing numerous community outreach programs in liaison with different stakeholders, aimed at improving mental health literacy and access in Nigeria.

During his tenure as National Executive Council member of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Ayeyemi played a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and welfare of resident doctors, ensuring their voices were heard and their needs were addressed.

In recognition of his work, he was invited in 2021 to participate in Africa’s foremost young leaders’ summit and participate as panelist at the 2022 World Youth Forum.

Nominated Governors

Surrey County Council: Cllr Nick Darby

(first term of office)Nick Darby.jpg

Married with 3 adult children, I spent my career as a commercial property solicitor, mostly looking after clients in the retail industry. Following retirement, I qualified as a cricket umpire, spending many hours at the Thames Ditton club, before being elected as a Surrey County Council Councillor in May 2017, and re-elected in 2021.

At Surrey, apart from doing my best for local residents, I have been a member of the Adult and Health Select Committee for 2 years, as Vice Chair. I was thrilled to have chaired a mental health task group, looking at the patient journey. I am currently Chair of the Resources and Performance Select Committee. I am also leader of the Residents Association / Independent Group. 

Surrey County Council: Cllr Sinead Mooney

(first term of office)

Sinead is the cabinet member for Adult Social Care and Health at Surrey County Council and is committed to serving as a champion and advocate for  people with care and support needs in Surrey. She has been a County Councillor since May 2017 and a Spelthorne Borough Councillor since May 2015. Sinead has spent most of her career working in housing. She’s an interim housing professional having previously worked as head of housing services for a housing charity.

Before that, Sinead spent 16 years working in the housing departments at Hounslow and Hillingdon councils.
Married with two children, Sinead has been chairman of a youth charity, the Staines and Egham Sea Cadets, and has served as a committee member for Ashford North Residents Association. 

Surrey Police: George BellGeorge Bell.jpg

(first term of office) 

George is currently the Criminal Justice Policy & Commissioning Officer at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. Before taking up this role he was a Neighbourhood Police Officer in Greater Manchester Police for four years


Hampshire County Council: Cllr Adam JackmanAdam Jackman .jpg

(first term of office)

Adam has been involved in the local community for over sixteen years, having been first elected as a Borough Councillor, on Rushmoor Borough Council, in 2006.  Since 2021 he has been the representative for Farnborough South Division, on Hampshire County Council.

As a Councillor, Adam is a member of the Health and Adult Social Care Committee, Regulatory Committee, Education Advisory Panel and Children and Families Advisory Panel. 

He is married with three children.

Action for Carers: Rachel Brennan

(first term of office) Rachel Brennan.png

I am the Manager of the Adult Carer Support Service at Action for Carers Surrey. I am also an unpaid carer.

I am a qualified Occupational Therapist and have worked for 30 years in mental health services.  I am passionate about the support and care of anyone experiencing mental health problems and providing accessible, nonjudgmental services. I started the Ludlow Road Resources in 1991, which was one of the first examples of the recovery model in the UK.  In 2015 I became a multiple carer and sadly had to leave SABP. I then started working in Guildford Carer Support Service and in 2017 for Action for Carers. 

I started my first carer support group in 1990 as I realised that to work effectively as an Occupational Therapist was to support not only the person at the centre of care but also their carer and family. I continued to include carers in all areas of my work as an Occupational Therapist, as carers can provide a wealth of information and support to professionals! I was a Unison trade union rep for 16 years as I am passionate about justice and people standing up for their rights.

Before qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, I worked with the Ockenden Venture, a charity supporting refugees both in the UK and internationally.  Alongside friends I set up and ran a small charity Project Peru, providing a refuge for street children and supporting women and families of the disappeared in Latin America since 1982.

Supporting carers for me is a privilege.

Borough Councils: Cllr Kika Mirylees

(first term of office)

Biography to follow 

Social Work & other County Council Employees: Vacancy