Our strategy

Our trust has launched a new five year strategy to support the wellbeing of people of all ages across Surrey and north east Hampshire.

Our Strategy is centred on delivering high quality care across all our services: mental health, learning disability, neurodevelopmental and drug and alcohol. At the heart of our strategy is our determination to put the people who use our services at the centre of everything we do and to deliver the right support at the right time and as close to home as possible. 

To deliver on our strategy, we have set six strategic ambitions, for a better life:

  1. Providing high-quality care: delivering brilliant basics everywhere and providing support early on and as close to home as possible to help people recover and stay well.
  2. Have a valued and inclusive workforce: being a compassionate and inclusive organisation that supports employees' health and wellbeing and invests in talent and career development.
  3. Strengthen involvement with people, carers, and families: empowering the voices of people who use the trust's services, their carers and families to help us to continue to improve and develop.
  4. Making the best use of resources: making sure the trust is financially viable and aware of its impact on - and kinder to - the environment.
  5. Working in partnership: being bold and creative to lead system change with partners and reduce health inequalities across Surrey and north east Hampshire.
  6. Be a learning organisation: being a beacon for innovation helping employees to grow and learn and embed quality improvement in all we do.

To find out more, download the full strategy below and view the animation above.

Our vision

Everyone’s mental health and well-being should support them to lead the best life they can.

  • We want everyone’s mental health to be a core asset to their overall good health and happiness
  • We want to provide care and services at the best time so that we can help someone with mental health needs
  • We want to provide safe care and services
  • We want our services to offer outstanding care and outcomes providing people with a timely and compassionate experience
  • We want Surrey and Borders Partnership to be a great place to work, where careers and aspirations can thrive, people’s well-being comes first, achievement is recognised and job satisfaction is high
  • We want to represent the best of Surrey and North east Hampshire as a great place to live and work through the services we offer, the involvement of the communities we serve, the expertise of our staff and across the diversity of people’s lives and experience.

To achieve this, we have set six strategic priorities.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of all we do. They have been developed by staff, the people who use our services, their families and carers, and partner organisations.

Our values are to:

  • Treat people well
  • Involve not ignore
  • Create respectful places
  • Open, honest, and accountable 

This value wheel summarises our everyday behaviours in more detail.

Our values include, treat people well, involve not ignore, create respectful places, and open, honest and accountable. Our vision is for a better life.