Our Leadership Programme

Who should attend
Our Leadership Programme, which has been endorsed by the Institue of Leadership and management, has been designed for people who are in a managerial role and are responsible for leading teams and/or services to achieve results. It addresses leadership tensions and helps people build the confidence and skills needed to lead effectively.

By applying the lessons of our programme you will be better equipped to handle the tensions of your role, you will:

  • Bridge the gap between senior management and the front line staff to build commitment and manage change.
  • Collaborate across the organisation to gain critical perspectives, solve complicated problems, create buy-in and manage politics.
  • Effectively manage complexity to take wise and productive action amidst rapidly changing conditions.
  • Leverage the experience gained from multiple life roles to increase your leadership effectiveness at work.
  • Build resilience to manage stress, uncertainty and setbacks effectively.

Staff feedback

This course has had such a positive impact upon me and the way I work. Having been acting up as a clinical lead within our team the elements of the course have helped me support staff, implement and manage change. The knowledge around leadership styles and the importance of adaptability have proved invaluable. I feel I am more able to step up into a management position in the near future with the tools I have acquired from the course. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is considering stepping into a management role.

Early Intervention in Psychosis

“This course has been excellent it goes a lot deeper than you think. Not only do you learn useful theory and how it really applies in your role, but you also have the opportunity for some real reflection on what it is about you that makes you a good manager and how to learn, apply and continually develop yourself and your management style. It is also a great opportunity to get to know people from different areas of the Trust. I am going to miss our sessions!”

Admin Manager

I enjoyed the course a lot … it was very positive life changing course for me.   This is not the end for me”

Senior Physiotherapist

This course has improved my confidence as a Manager and Leader. I am now more assertive and take more accountability for my decisions, something I would never have done a year ago. I am managing to get more work done in my limited time; this is one of the feedbacks I've received during the past few weeks.”

Interim Service Manager

Course Design

  • Attendance at 11 study days over 9 months including ILM facilitated days
  • On-line learning from the Institute Leadership and Management (ILM) First Line Management programme
  • Mid-point assessment on your Supervisory Practice / Observed Presentation
  • 2 day facilitation of the highly acclaimed ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

We recognise that improvements in management and leadership are key to achieving our Vision & Values of developing a person focused, safe, and high performing health care service.

You can download the ILM Endorsed Leadership programme application form by clicking here.

To apply for our Leadership Programme contact Anne.OConnor@sabp.nhs.uk.