We are recruiting to a variety of roles, all listed below. 

Nurse band 7 

Ward Manager

Ensure the service operates in a safe, effective & efficient way as part of the whole system of mental health services. Foster a culture that encourages and enables individuals to have an active role in identifying, planning and meeting their individual needs. Support strategic leadership in relation to service improvement and quality evaluation.

Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Support with the development of the clinical pathway for person-centered quality care plans including evidence assessment, formulation, and treatment plans designed to support recovery. Ensure the service meets the requirements of the CQC. Improve and facilitate engagement of patients with specialist services to include people with ASD, and substance misuse. Improve the quality of care provided to patients by increasing the knowledge and skills of staff.

Hospital Duty Manager 

Provide robust clinical decision making and management to junior staff team. You will be a source of mental health knowledge and expertise, have vision and resilience to support the ward and your colleagues in keeping the ward environment safe and productive. 

Provide operational cover across the wards and rehabilitation services. To provide leadership out of hours and effectively coordinate safe services. To support Bed management, out of hours and weekends, to support the bed flow ensure admissions and discharges out of hours are safe and effective.

Nurse Band 6 

Clinical Lead 

Ensure the Health Based Place of Safety operates in a safe, effective & efficient way as part of the whole system of mental health services. Foster a culture that encourages and enables individuals to have an active role in identifying, planning and meeting their individual needs. Provide clinical leadership to the junior staff through supervision and actively participate in the smooth running of the HBPoS over a 24-hour period. To act as Unit Coordinator as allocated on a rotational basis, in accordance with the unit coordinator protocol.

Nurse Band 5 

Staff Nurse 

Become a core member of the multi-disciplinary team, participating in the provision of on-going assessments, care planning, treatment and support of people with serious and enduring mental health problems and people in crisis. You will particularly ensure access to and availability of mental health nursing skills to users of mental health services and their families.

Consultant Psychiatrist 

Provide clinical input and leadership to one of four of our new Northwest Mental Health Inpatient Service wards as part of the Acute Care Pathway. Each ward is recruiting a consultant psychiatrists, more information is below. There are other opportunities to take on additional responsibilities with remuneration. The consultant Psychiatrist is responsible for providing clinical input and leadership and working alongside a multidisciplinary team in line with New Ways of Working.

Speciality Doctor

Responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and review of management plans for people who use our services. Flexible review and reassess people who use our services to assess their response to treatment and their readiness to access other parts of Acute Care Pathway.

The Specialty Doctor would support any trainees attached to the team. All the work of the Specialty Doctor will be under the supervision of the consultant psychiatrist.

Find out more on how our colleagues describe their roles in the 'Day in the life' descriptions below. 

Day in the life - Ward Manager

As a ward manager I oversee the operations of a ward. This includes managing the staff and daily activities and ensuring the delivery of high-quality care.  My role is a blend of nursing expertise, leadership, and management.

I oversee the delivery of care for people staying on the ward, making sure they receive the highest standards of support and their progress is monitored. I also provide direct care myself as well as coordinate with other healthcare providers to develop and implement care plans. I address concerns or complaints from people staying on the ward and their families to help make sure their experience is a positive one. 

Supervising nursing staff is a key duty of the role. I manage staff recruitment, training and development, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to provide excellent care. I oversee scheduling, manage conflicts, provide leadership and support and foster a positive work environment to promote teamwork.

I also oversee the ward's budget, monitoring spending, allocating resources and making decisions about equipment purchases and other expenditures.

My role as a Ward manager is to drive continuous quality improvement by monitoring and evaluating the quality of care, identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes to improve people's outcomes. I participate in audits and inspections and develop action plans responding to findings. I work closely with other healthcare team members to implement quality improvement initiatives.

I have a deep understanding of patient care, medical procedures, and healthcare regulations. This knowledge allows me to oversee patient care, guide the team and ensure compliance with healthcare standards. 

As a routine on the ward, I interact with various people, including people using our services, their families, staff, and other healthcare providers.  I also help to make sure people staying on the ward and their carers and families feel  welcome and cared for.

The role of a ward manager can be physically demanding and emotionally challenging but it's also rewarding, offering the opportunity to significantly impact peope's care and outcomes.

Day in the life - Engagement and Recovery worker

I am an engagement and recovery worker.  I enjoy working with people who use our services and the job satisfaction that comes from seeing people fully recovered.

My role is to provide people who use our services with care and support. This can involve offering companionship,  emotional support and help with daily activities. As an engagement and recovery worker, safety, documentation and crisis intervention are also crucial components of my job. The responsibilities l have listed are frequently combined in a normal day.

My role has a beneficial effect on the lives of those who are dealing with mental health issues. I genuinely enjoy my job. Working with people who may have a variety of complicated requirements calls for flexibility, compassion, and patience.

Day in the life - Clinical Team Lead

My current role is that of a clinical team lead. It includes all the clinical duties of a nurse.  When I arrive on the shift, I check all the people on the ward that I am responsible for are well and that the environment is safe. Before the start of the shift, staff are reminded of the risks they need to look out for. I speak to colleagues about their experiences on the ward and how we can work together to effectively manage any risk. 

I am also responsible for staff competencies and identifying if any staff need help to perform their duties to a high standard. 

I enjoy catching up with people using our services, finding out how they have been and if their stay on the ward could be improved in any way to support them with their recovery.

It is amazing to witness the improvement in the mental wellbeing of the people we are supporting and to have been part of their journey.