Contact Details

Margaret Laurie House,
1 Church Road,
RH2 8HY,
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01737 277 724

Opening Times

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Contact Names

Ward Manager: Rowena Van Niekerk
Senior Matron: Kylie Witkowski
Associate Director, Adult Inpatient Services: Claire Clifford
Operational Compliance Manager: Kellyanne Davies

Service Description

What are rehabilitation services?

Rehabilitation services are designed to equip people with severe and enduring mental illness with the skills they need to live more independently.

Skills training is offered in personal care, domestic tasks, money management, leisure time, work activities and the management and treatment of mental health problems.

Margaret Laurie House is an inpatient unit offering a short term rehabilitation programme, alongside 24 hour nursing support. The service helps people who have severe and enduring mental illness to learn and regain lost life skills, and move to more independent living.

How are they different to hospital inpatient services?

People have more freedom and responsibility than they do in a mental health inpatient unit, whilst still having access to specialist mental health support on-site.

24 hour nursing care, supported by a multi-disciplinary team, is provided, but people live more as they would in the community. They have access to a shared kitchen to prepare their own meals, and they are able to leave the house more freely to pursue educational courses and voluntary work, if they choose to.

Who might use this service?

Someone may be referred to a mental health rehabilitation unit if they require a phased approach to their discharge, or if they need additional support – but not the level provided in a ward environment.

Stays in rehabilitation units are designed to be temporary, from three to six months, to help people progress to the next stage in their recovery programme.

About Margaret Laurie House

The service can cater for up to 12 people at a time and is provided by a multidisciplinary team with the involvement of people who use services and their carers.

Referrals are taken from across Surrey and a specialist worker is on-hand to maintain and develop the individual's community links and treatment of mental health problems.

What people say

"We are encouraged to do more things for ourselves"

“Staff are around more so there is more interaction with the patients so we can talk about our feelings. There is a better routine and there is more structure and things to do. We are encouraged to do more things for ourselves and we are encouraged to move on and live in the community. I am looking forward to moving on to live in a different area when I am discharged from MLHouse.”

"I am more confident and motivated about wanting to live on my own again"

"One of the things I also like about MLH is that the ward review and CPA meeting is not focused on my illness and staff wanting to know whether I have suicidal thoughts. They seem to be more focused on my recovery and medication is reviewed and reduced with good explanations given for doing it. Since I have been here my medication has been reduced and although I sometimes take some tablets in addition to my regular prescribed medication, to use at home if I need them, I seldom do. I find all the staff very supportive and consistent in their support of all the patients. Coming to MLHouse has been good for me because I am more confident and motivated about wanting to live on my own again and that staff have helped me to look forward to the future”.

Find out more and view some of our facilities:

Where is Margaret Laurie House?

Margaret Laurie House is a 12 bedded rehabilitation ward.

Outside view of Margaret Laurie house








We support people with mental health problems, to have a structure and routine in their life and to support them with their daily living skills. Margaret Laurie House is situated on a communal street in Reigate, Surrey.

Our lounge areas

The communal lounge, access to a television, games console and a place to relax and get to know others.

View of the communal lounge











We also have a women-only lounge.

Our kitchen areas

Our main kitchen is where your meals are served and where we support you to become more confident with cooking.

The main kitchen at Margaret Laurie House






We also have a small kitchen which is accessible throughout the day and evening. Here, you can help yourself to tea, coffee, soups and fruit. There is a fridge to store you own food items and a microwave.

Our conference room

Our conference room.

The conference room









This is where you will attend your 4 weekly ward reviews with your Registered Consultant and the team. 

Weekly programme

This is an example of our weekly programme.

An example of the weekly programme








This is put together to aid your recovery, learn new skills, have fun and be a part of a group.

Referral Process

People referred to Margaret Laurie House are usually already in using Surrey and Borders' services. Referrals must be completed and sent by the care coordinator, or with the knowledge of the care coordinator if referred by other inpatient services in the Trust.

Referral Criteria

Anyone with long term mental illness who has rehabilitation needs e.g schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

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Disabled Access

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