LGBTQ+ Staff Network - It's important that staff thrive personally and professionally in an encouraging and non-discriminatory environment and our Trust wants everyone to feel comfortable and able to be their fullest selves.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans + staff network offers support to staff with issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The network welcomes everyone, regardless how they identify and encourages people to be an ally to all or part of the LGBTQ+ community and help promote LGBTQ+ interests and equality at work. 

We work to focus on and support all LGBTQ+ people, including marginalised or underrepresented LGBTQ+ from the following groups:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic group LGBTQ+ people / LGBTQ+ people of colour (in partnership with the Trust’s BME Staff Network)
  • Bi people 
  • LGBTQ+ carers (in partnership with the Trust’s carers network)
  • LGBTQ+ people of faith (in partnership with the Trust’s Spirituality and Faith Forum Staff Network)
  • LGBTQ+ parents 
  • LGBTQ+ people with accessibility needs, disabilities and long term health conditions (partnership with the Trust’s DAWN Staff Network)
  • Non-binary people 
  • Older LGBTQ+ people 
  • Trans people 

Our priorities

  • Provide a safe space for staff who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity to raise LGBTQ+ issues and concerns
  • Provide a place for all staff to raise LGBTQ+ issues, access LGBTQ+ advice and receive support on LGBTQ+ related matters
  • Educate staff about LGBTQ+ issues and best practice in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity 
  • Raise awareness of the issues and challenges that those who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity may experience 
  • Support our Trust to address concerns and to challenge any discrimination of staff, people who use our services, their carers and communities who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Support our Trust with the development and implementation of policies and procedures ensuring that both staff and people who use our services who identify as LGBTQ+ are represented and supported
  • Provide networking opportunities and peer support for staff who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies
  • Encourage all staff to become LGBTQ+ allies and support the work and objectives of the network
  • Work in collaboration with other staff networks to raise awareness of equality, diversity, and multiple identities and promote respect for all staff
  • Liaise with LGBTQ+ Networks outside of our Trust to promote understanding of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Offer training opportunities (both formal and informal) for staff across our Trust in relation to LGBTQ+ issues, how best to support both staff and people who use services, and how to be an effective ally

Contact us

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