Title Policy Ref Approved Date Document Type
Absent Without Leave Missing Persons Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0009 Dec 2015 Policy and Procedure
Advance Statements Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0026 Nov 2014 Policy and Procedure
Assessement and Management of Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Disorders Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0015 Jan 2016 Policy
Care Planning and Assessment Procedure SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0023 Jul 2012 Procedure
Chaperone Policy SABP/RISK/0036 Aug 2016 Policy
Clinical Audit Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0027 Feb 2018 Policy and Procedure
Clinical Procedures Policy SABP/ExecBoard/0001 Aug 2015 Policy
Dual Diagnosis Mental Health and Substance Use Policy and Procedure SABP/ExecBoard/0016 Jan 2017 Policy and Procedure
Dual Diagnosis of Mental Health and Learning Disability Policy and Procedure SABP/ExecBoard/0032 Sep 2011 Policy and Procedure
Electro Convulsive Therapy Operational Policy SABP/RISK/0040 Jan 2014 Policy and Procedure
Engagement and Disengagement with Services Policy SABP/RISK/0033 Sep 2016 Policy and Procedure
Entrance and Exit of Inpatient Units Policy SABP/SERVICEIMPROVEMENT/0018 Oct 2015 Policy
Holidays and Outings for People Who Use Services Procedure SABP/WORKFORCE/0022 Feb 2016 Procedure
Infection Prevention and Control Policy SABP/RISK/0014 Jan 2016 Policy and Procedure
Maintaining High Professional Standards Policy SABP/WORKFORCE/0025 Jul 2015 Policy
Management of Illicit Drug and Alcohol Use on Trust Premises Policy SABP/SERVICEIMPROVEMENT/0014 Feb 2017 Policy
Managing Medical Emergencies including Resuscitation and Anaphylaxis Policy SABP/RISK/0029 Apr 2017 Policy and Procedure