Title Policy Ref Approved Date Document Type
Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Internet Policy SABP/ExecBoard/0030 Nov 2017 Policy
Clinical Records Management Procedure SABP/ExecBoard/0047 Dec 2017 Procedure
Data Protection and Records Management Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0041 Apr 2022 Policy and Procedure
Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0042 Jun 2019 Procedure
Digital Backup and Restore Policy SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0027 May 2019 Policy and Procedure
Freedom of Information Policy SABP/ServiceImprovement/0016 May 2022 Policy and Procedure
Information for People Who Use Services and Carers Policy SABP/ServiceImprovement/0037 Dec 2016 Policy and Procedure
Information Governance Policy SABP/ServiceImprovement/0017 Aug 2022 Policy and Procedure
Information Security Information Flow and Asset Register Procedure SABP/IM-T/0003 Feb 2015 Procedure
Information Security Policy SABP/IM-T/0003 Jun 2018 Policy
Information Security Summary Care Record Access Procedure SABP/IM-T/0003 Sep 2013 Procedure
Information Sharing Protocol Surrey Crime and Disorder N/A Jun 2016 Protocol
Information Sharing Protocol Surrey Multi-Agency MAISP N/A N/A Protocol
Management of Records Policy SABP/ServiceImprovement/0036 Jul 2022 Policy and Procedure
Network Security Policy SABP/IM-T/0004 Oct 2021 Policy and Procedure
Portable Computer and Mobile Working Policy SABP/ExecBoard/0031 May 2012 Policy and Procedure
Records Management Copying Correspondence to People Who Use Services SABP/ExecBoard/0012 Jun 2018 Procedure
Records Management Strategy SABP/ServiceImprovement/0036 Nov 2014 Strategy
Records Management Transitional Change Procedure SABP/QSA/0004 Nov 2014 Procedure
Staff using Trust Mobile Phones Policy and Procedure SABP/Audit/0007 Oct 2012 Policy and Procedure