As an NHS body we have a duty to be a health-promoting organisation, improving people’s physical health as well as their mental health. This is why we have become a smokefree Trust, and now ask people who use services, staff, and all of our visitors not to smoke tobacco-based products on our premises.

Anyone staying in our hospitals who is a smoker will be offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). This includes a combination of sprays, lozenges, patches, gum and other items to suit their needs. We aim to make sure anyone arriving at hospital who is a smoker is offered NRT within 30 minutes of arrival and their care plan includes support for stopping smoking.

We have two stop smoking advisors working in the Trust to support people who use services quit smoking. This support takes place in all divisions and settings across the Trust.

We can also support carers in community and hospital settings and put them in touch with stop smoking services.

If you would like to quit:

Contact One You Surrey:

You can also download and complete this referral form and return it directly to One You Surrey at the address shown on the bottom.