Carers' handbook

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Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have had to change some of the ways our services work.

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The Carers' Handbook is a downloadable resource for anyone who cares for someone who is receiving care and treatment from the Trust.

Click on any of the chapter titles to download a PDF to print at home.

  1. SupportingYourCarer.jpgIntroduction and who this handbook is for (6 pages)
  2. Am I a carer? (7 pages)
  3. Carers' Rights (8 pages)
  4. Young Carers (6 pages)
  5. Young Adult carers (7 pages)
  6. Confidentiality & information-sharing (7 pages)
  7. How to get support for the person you care for (6 pages)
  8. Benefits (6 pages)
  9. Information about diagnosis (5 pages)
  10. Understanding medication (5 pages)
  11. Physical Health (8 pages)
  12. Recommended books for carers (5 pages)
  13. A-Z directory (12 pages)
  14. Print entire handbook (36 pages)
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