Contact Details

Unither House,
Curfew Bell Road,
KT16 9FG,
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01932 587123

Opening Times

Monday-Thursday 9-5pm

Contact Names

Service Manager: Richard Whitaker

Service Description

Arts therapies are psychological interventions which combine psycho-therapeutic understanding with the arts.

They help by addressing a person's difficulties and aiding their understanding of:

  • disturbing thoughts or experiences
  • feelings of depression and demotivation
  • why you feel what you feel
  • difficulties with communication
  • alternative perspectives

Art therapy

Art therapy can be used to help individuals explore aspects of themselves and is particularly useful for people who find one-to-one verbal therapeutic work difficult.

Music therapy

Music therapy allows people to express themselves and become aware of their feelings. It is interactive, primarily non-verbal intervention and can help individuals with severe emotional or behavioural disturbances.

Drama therapy

This uses the healing aspects of drama, theatre and role play to facilitate change through using objects, puppets and structured games.

Referral Process

Referrals must come via one of our Community Mental Health Teams or Acute Therapies and Diversional Activities Services.  

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