All of our courses are taught by a recovery coach - someone who has lived experience of physical or mental illness either personally or through a caring role - and a professional.

Who are the professionals?

The Recovery College is a partnership involving many different organisations and the professionals who support us with delivering our courses may be employed by any of these organisations.

We are proud to have professionals with qualifications in a wide variety of therapies including art, dance, occupational, psychology, pilates and yoga.

Who are the recovery coaches?

We believe that people who have experience of physical or mental illness themselves are often able to support others in their recovery because they understand in a way that a professional might not. 

Our recovery coaches come from a range of backgrounds and are experts by experience who have shown that they are able to maintain the management of their condition, and that they believe in the philosophy of recovery. 

All of them are willing to share the wisdom of their own lived experience to inspire hope and belief that recovery is possible, and they have all been - or still are - students at the college. 

Every member of the team - volunteer or paid - receives training and supervision and we support the development of each recovery coach by helping them prepare for paid work in the future (if this is their goal).

Opportunities to get involved

We have voluntary and paid opportunities for any of our students who have an interest in supporting others with physical or mental illness and their carers in their recovery by sharing their own experiences.

You can become involved in the development, facilitation and evaluation of courses, in supporting the enrolment process, or developing prospectus and website content.

For further information or advice about getting involved please contact us for an informal chat.