Contact Details

18 Mole Business Park,
Randalls Road,
KT22 7AD,
United Kingdom

Opening Times

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm 

Service Description

Working with the Mental Health Integrated Community Service team, your GP is now able to offer this specialist mental health advice and support service to people over 18 years-old with significant mental health concerns, including people over the age of 65.  

The Mental Health Integrated Community Service is quick and easy to access. You don't have to have a formal diagnosis of a mental illness to receive support. 

The MHICS team can: 

  • Offer specialist mental health time to establish your needs and develop an individual personalised plan
  • Provide practical help accessing community resources
  • Identify brief interventions for managing stress and anxiety
  • Offer access to a specialist mental health pharmacist 
  • Provide information and guidance on emotional and physical wellbeing 
  • Provide links to other mental health services and therapy providers.

When you talk to your GP or Practice Nurse about your mental health concerns, they may suggest a referral, or you can ask them if you can be referred. 

Once referred to the GP Integrated Mental Health Service you will usually be offered an appointment with a member of the team usually within 28 days of receipt of your referral. A practitioner will work with you to develop a personalised plan to improve your mental health and well-being. 

Please note: This service is delivered via your GP, and it is not an emergency service. 

Referral Criteria

Anyone with a significant mental health difficulty impacting on their everyday life can be referred.  You don't have to have a formal diagnosis of an illness. 

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