About the study

Rates of readmission to hospital, and levels of suicide and self-harm are high in the weeks after someone is discharged from a psychiatric ward - 34% are readmitted within one year. This study investigates the effectiveness of peer worker intervention in supporting someone's recovery and reducing the liklihood of readmission. 

Who can take part  

We are looking for people aged 18+ who are staying on an inpatient unit and have at least one previous admission in the last two years. To take part you must have been assessed by a clinician as likely to be discharged within the next month. 

What will I have to do 

This study is a randomised control trial which means it has an active and a control group which people are randomly selected to.

Those in the active group are allocated a peer worker who has lived experience of mental illness to support them as they are discharged. Weekly one-to-one meetings are arranged for 10 weeks, followed by fortnightly meetings for a further six weeks.

People in the control group are not allocated a peer worker but both groups receive treatment as usual.

Find out more

We would really like to hear from you if you fit the description above and would like to help evaluate the effectiveness of peer workers in reducing readmission rates. Please email us on research@sabp.nhs.uk or call us on 01932 722 247.