We have an award winning research and development team that promotes and supports health research activities within our Trust. The research we do includes:

  • NHS-badged studies, known as national portfolio studies
  • Trust-sponsored research projects
  • Studies carried out in collaboration with partners such as higher educational institutions and industry
  • Student research projects.

Meet the team

Name Title

Prof Helen Rostill

Director of Innovation, Development and Therapies

Prof Ramin Nilforooshan

Associate Medical Director for R&D, Consultant Psychiatrist

Olga Balazikova

R&D Manager

Jessica True

Translational Research & Collaborations Manager

Jane Gregg

Deputy R&D Manager

Elisabetta Maragnoli

Senior Research Facilitator

Lucy Frampton 

Research Facilitator / Administrator

Mariana Gavrilla

Lead Research Nurse

Carmela Bianca Reyes 

Research Nurse

Louise Rowe‑Leete 

Research Nurse

Samantha Ratcliffe

Lead Clinical Research Practitioner for Commercial Projects

Sai-Bo Cheung

Senior Clinical Research Practitioner

Hannah Perry

Clinical Research Practitioner

Joshua Cudworth

Clinical Research Practitioner / Lead for Public Involvement

Solveig Haselbach 

Research Assistant

Somer Jassim

Research Assistant

Chloe Walsh

Research Assistant

Jaye Somers

Research Assistant

Oliver Sargentoni 

Research Assistant

Nicole Whitethread

Research Assistant

Saijal Jhala 

Monitoring Associate Practitioner 

Many Trust staff participate in our research, from Board level through to corporate and front-line clinical services, and we also involve people who use our services, their families, carers and the wider public.

Our partners