Our research and development team promotes and supports health research activities within the Trust. The research we do includes;

  • NHS-badged studies, known as national portfolio studies
  • Trust-sponsored research projects
  • Studies carried out in collaboration with partners such as Higher Educational Institutions and industry
  • Student research projects.

Our Research and Development Office looks after the governance of all studies, providing resources and support to the conduct of national portfolio studies through the Lead Research Nurse and the Clinical Research Coordinators.

Meet the team

Name Title Telephone
Dr Helen Rostill Director of Innovation & Development (Director of Therapies)  
Dr Ramin Nilforooshan Associate Medical Director for R&D, Consultant Psychiatrist

019327 22444

Dr Ward Lawrence Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Delivery - Working age Adults  
Dr Christos Kouimtsidis Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinicial Delivery - Substance Misuse services  
Dr Brian Parsons Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Delivery - Older people services

019327 22 467

Dr Karen Dodd


Co-Director of people with Learning Disabilities (currently on sabbatical)  
Simon Whitfield Chief Pharmacist  

Olga Balazikova

R&D Manager

01932 72 33 10

Sally Gosling Research Nurse

019327 222 47

Mariana Gavrila Research Nurse

019327 222 47

Jane Gregg Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

019327 222 47

Jessica True Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

019327 222 47

Elisabetta Maragnoli R&D Administrator

019327 222 47

Alicja Baniukiewicz Research Facilitator

019327 22 704

Ahsley Chapman Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

019327 222 47

Khushprit Singh Assistant Clinicial Research Coordinator

019327 222 47

Alice Golding Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

019327 222 47

Eryna Tarant Research Assistant for Mindfulness

019327 222 47

Ben Houghton Research Assistant for SPADE study  

Many Trust staff participate in our research, from Board level through to corporate and front-line clinical services, and we also involve people who use our services, their families, carers and the wider public.

Our partners