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Support for veterans and their families

We are a Veteran Aware accredited Trust and offer a range of expert and dedicated services to support the mental health and wellbeing of veterans, their carers and families.

These specialist services are easy to access and led by mental health professionals working with peer support workers who are either from the Armed Forces Community or highly experienced in working with people from a military background.

Three of the services provided are part of Op COURAGE: The Veterans' Mental Health and Wellbeing pathway launched by the NHS. They are:

  • Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) - providing a first point of contact for veterans and their families who are experiencing mental health difficulties
  • Complex Treatment Service (CTS) - offers treatment for a range of military related difficulties, including PTSD, depression, anger, and other mental health difficulties. This is accessed via the TILS service.
  • High Intensity Service (HIS) - works alongside mental health services to support veterans in need of urgent mental health support or who are at high risk of a mental health crisis.

We also offer the Veterans Covenant Service: this supports veterans and their families who are under the care of our secondary mental health services as they prepare for discharge. More information about these services and how to access them is provided below.


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