Letting Go

To my inner child,

I know how very scared you are because things are about to change, 
But I need you to trust me even though it may feel strange.

We were taught the wrong way to live - it doesn’t need to be painful, 
We don’t need to hate and hurt ourselves to feel in control and able.

Holding onto this illness may make us feel safe, 
But I promise there are a thousand things that could take this illness’s place.

There’s a beautiful big wide world out there with so many things to try, 
I know you’re scared of failing but just imagine if we fly.

We watch all of our friends succeed, living through the highs and lows, 
Watching with astonishment wondering how they survive the blows.

Because life can deal out bad hands, it’s all part of the game, 
But we believe no-one else can hurt us if we’re the ones inflicting the pain.

We could keep following the path we know, it’s familiar, predictable and sound.
But do you really want to live a life that’s limited, restricted and bound?

Yes we needed this illness to help us survive in the past, 
But we could break free of its expectations now, we could be ourselves at last.

This illness will define us if we don’t give life a chance, 
Spectating from the sidelines, unable to join the dance.

There’s no need to be scared, now I’m right by your side, 
Life will always be uncertain but it’s time to enjoy the ride.

Amanda Madison (June 2017)