What's my name?
What am I to you who behold?
What's my secret never to be told?
They say that it's darkest before the dawn, 
But for me it's when I see your form silhouetted in the door frame 
What's my name?
You took my innocence and scrubbed it away 
And now I self-harm every day 
What for? I ask. Selfish pleasure?
To rob me of power in equal measure?
Are you ashamed of what you've done?
Are you saddened by what I've become?
What's my name?
If I should die by accident or design
Will you pretend or give some sign
That you are shocked and can’t understand, 
was my life so awful I died by my own hand?
You feel no shame
What’s my name?
Perhaps you’ll regret in your dark dark heart 
if I’m gone from this world and we’re forever apart?
Though some will be sad at this tragedy, 
I’ll know quiet and peace at last 
Finally free of your sordid game.
What’s my name?
Where lies the strength to dream, to hope?
What small successes are in my scope?
Each day I try to lift myself above the waters that threaten 
Taking comfort in the warmth of friends that wave and beckon 
You won’t destroy me I promise you that 
I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain 
What’s my name?