We have occupational therapists operating in all of our multi-disciplinary teams in mental health, learning disability and drug and alcohol services.

Our occupational therapists believe that the things people do are fundamental to a person’s sense of who they are, how they get on with others and their place in the world. People create identity and meaning through what they do and have the capacity to transform themselves through taking part in activities which they value and find meaningful. This could be daily activities that many of us take for granted, from grocery shopping or brushing their teeth, to more complex activities such as caring for children, succeeding in studies or work, or maintaining a healthy social life as well as achieving lifetime dreams and hopes.

People can be prevented from taking part in meaningful activities for many reasons, they may be related to their health, social situation, disability or environment. Our occupational therapists are skilled at analysing the things that people want, need or have to do. We work collaboratively to identify activities and occupations to address challenges, develop skills and enable people to achieve their goals.

Above all, our occupational therapists work with you to achieve as much as you can for yourself and to get the most out of life.