Delivering high quality care is fundamental to what we do as a trust; we have committed to develop three new mental health hospitals in Guildford, Chertsey, and east Surrey because we want our inpatient services to provide the very best in mental health services for our local communities.  

Our first hospital at Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford opened in December 2015. Following its completion, our focus moved to the Abraham Cowley Unit (ACU) on the St. Peter’s Hospital site, Chertsey, and our hospital to be built in the east of the county.  

This programme is not just about bricks and mortar; it provides a once in a generation opportunity to transform inpatient mental healthcare for our local population. 

Our vision

We want our new hospitals to facilitate that the person, not the condition, is at the heart of their inpatient experience. People who need our services should be able to access the best clinical practice available that promotes a holistic approach to recovery by connecting mind and body, family and friends, community, and the environment.  

We will build for the future and create buildings that last the test of time and are sustainable. 

  • Better inpatient environment – We will provide an environment that is respectful, healing, safe and therapeutic. It will promote privacy and dignity and challenge the stigma of mental health. Comfort, light, and sound will be at the heart of the design.  
  • Focus on the future – We will provide effective assessment, treatment and high-quality care closely linked to a range of community-orientated mental health care services.  
  • Embrace innovation – Through innovative design and the use of state-of-the-art digital technology, we will seek to remove barriers to accessing our services and reduce the stigma of mental health care. 
  • Network and community connections – We will recognise the diversity of our population by building strong local networks that promote the importance of support and family, celebrate community, and contribute to integrated care across Surrey and its borders.  
  • Joy in work - We will create an environment that will enable our staff to experience joy in their work by fostering an inclusive culture where we can all embrace our Trust vision and values. We will treat each other with compassion and kindness. 

This video highlights the importance of our New Hospitals Programme and the difference a new hospital on the Abraham Cowley Unit site will make.