We took the decision to adjust the catchment area for our Community Mental Health Recovery Services in Waverley and in North East Hampshire in November 2018. As a result people who live in Farnham with mental ill-health will be supported by our North East Hampshire team instead of our Waverley team going forward. 

The reason for this change is so we can ensure that people referred to us are assessed and treated as quickly as possible and that ongoing treatment and support is provided in a timely way. The demand on our Waverley Community Mental Health Recovery Service is significant, and recruiting clinical staff in this area is more challenging than other areas. By adjusting our pathway for people living in Farnham this will help alleviate these issues in Waverley. It will also align our services with Clinical Commissioning Group boundaries which will assist with reporting and monitoring, and will additionally replicate the catchment areas for our older adult mental health teams. We are currently recruiting to a small number of clinical staff vacancies to support people from Farnham. 

From 26 November 2018 all new referrals are being managed by our NE Hampshire Community Mental Health Recovery Service. People living in Farnham already receiving support from our Waverley team will gradually be introduced to their new care co-ordinator from January 2019 onwards, once all of the new staff are in place. We will be discussing the impact of these changes with the people affected, and their families, during forthcoming appointments and will notify them in writing once their new care co-ordinator has been appointed. 

We will continue to provide clinics at Farnham Hospital for those who want to have appointments in their local area. However, people will be asked to attend the assessment clinic at the Aldershot Centre for Health, which is the base for the NE Hampshire Community Mental Health Recovery Service, for their initial assessment appointment instead of Berkeley House in Godalming. There is a positive impact on travel with this change as Aldershot is more accessible both by public transport and car than Godalming for residents of Farnham. Social care support for people in Farnham will continue to be provided by the Surrey County Council social care team based in Waverley for both new referrals and those already receiving support from us. 

If you have any queries about this change please speak to your care co-ordinator.

Download the Equality Analysis for this change.