We currently have three inpatient facilities that do not fully meet the MSSA guidance, as laid out in the Mental Health Act Code of Practice, due to some environmental limitations. This is an improvement in our position from our February 2017 Comprehensive CQC inspection due to the move from Mid Surrey Assessment and Treatment Unit in February 2017 to Abraham Cowley Unit. This move enabled us to create two single sex wards, and we also changed Primrose ward at The Meadows to a female only provision.

In the three services that are non-compliant, the way the environment is laid out means that people leaving their dormitories or some single rooms to use bathroom facilities have to walk across a communal corridor. These hotspots are Blake ward, Spenser ward and Margaret Laurie House. 

Each person must have an individualised plan as part of their care plan that describes how we will care for and support them to promote their privacy and dignity. In Spenser ward we are moving the location of the female only lounge to a different area to support safeguarding people’s privacy and dignity.

We also provide additional guidance on how to safely care and support people who are transgender.

Download our single sex accommodation leaflet

Further Information

Find out more about the national policy on single sex accommodation on the NHS Choices website.

We always welcome suggestions about how to improve our environments so please talk to your ward manager or care coordinator for more information.